Fun, Sun, and Income Podcast!

  • Thursday, July 28


    Listen in today as Rich goes VERY A.D.D. and rambles on about officially incorporating his business, getting married in nine days, Going to college, and a new partnership with Universal Sports Auctions!!

    Be sure to listen for the PROMO CODE to get free shipping and framing on your items if you are the winner!  (Winners must show that they are a follower of the Podcast either on Spotify or Apple Podcasts to redeem, a $25 value on shipping and a $75 value on jersey framing!)

    Go to to submit your bids!!  And remember, a portion of the proceeds go to benefit Jimmy V Center For Cancer Research as well as The Alzheimer’s Association!  So please be generous and bid with your heart!!!

    Also, there’s a couple trivia questions in the podcast today!!  Submit your answers to both questions, and the correct submissions will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Sgt. Peppers Grille and Bar!  (And you better use it on a night I’m bartending, if you don’t I’m gonna call you a D-Bag!  Out of town listeners/winners will receive a $25 gift certificate to the bar/restaurant of their choice, provided I can purchase one over the phone or online)

    Submit your answers to

    Looking forward to seeing your bids and answers!!

    And be sure to LISTEN, RATE, REVIEW, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the Fun, Sun, and Income Podcast!!!


  • Wednesday, June 22nd


    On todays show, we will discuss my adventure at the Social Security office and just how much of our lives we waste waiting in “lines”, a mishap turned happy ending that made me question if I’ve been drinking too much, and the business of referrals.

    Hope you join in, listen, and subscribe!

  • Birthday Episode!!!


    Listen in as Rich recaps his birthday and Father’s Day Weekend, discusses success and how to and the importance of living a life of purpose and living full time, and Juneteenth.

  • First Episode!!!


    Listen to Rich as he discusses wedding planning, his recent Vegas bachelor party, his morning routine, Wordle, and the economy.

  • The Fun, Sun, And Income Podcast (Trailer)


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